Developing Spring Roo Addons

5 minute read Published:

As of Roo 1.1.0, addons are created with the addon command. This is slightly different than previous versions, where addons were created with a template argument to the project command. If you find documentation referencing this old style, it’s probably out of date.

Maven Transitive Dependency Filtering

2 minute read Published:

The other day I wrote a post about examining dependencies in maven plugins. Today I was working on a similar project, and I discovered some non-intuitive behavior with the Maven ArtifactResolver. Several of the resolveTransitively methods accept an ArtifactFilter, but the filter gets applied in an odd way.

Examining Dependencies in Maven Plugins

2 minute read Published:

After you’ve worked with Maven for a while, you’ll eventually find a need to extend it. While there are some means of executing arbitrary code as part of your build, the best way to handle such needs is to create a maven plugin. The task may seem a bit daunting at first, but you’ll learn a lot about how maven works by doing it. Listed below are the properties that you need to define to examine the dependencies of a maven project from within a plugin. The following code would be placed inside a Maven Mojo.