Apps and More

These are some of the apps, open source and other creative projects that I have made.


My Sketch plugin, sketch-preview, exports the current artboard to Skala Preview as you make changes to it. I made it as an alternative to Sketch Mirror because I wanted to be able to use the same preview app for both Sketch and Photoshop documents.

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FastOne is my solution to the frequent prompts for your Apple ID password. It copies a single password to the pasteboard on launch, secured by your device's biometric authentication or passcode.

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OpenHere is my solution to web links opening in a different Space if there isn’t a browser window open in the current one. It uses the Accessibility APIs and AppleScript to open a new window in the current Space if needed. It also prevents window activation when opening several links in a row, such as when opening several links you want to read from an e-mail newsletter.

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The App Initiative

The App Initiative is a podcast that my friend Bill Blue and I made to document his experiences learning iOS development. We failed to find an audience for the show, but it was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot about recording and editing audio.

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