Roo-based Jersey Apps on GAE

6 minute read Published:

This past weekend I put together an example of a Spring Roo-based Jersey application that can run on Google App Engine. All code in this post is derived from the example project at You should be able to get a project up and running by copy and pasting the snippets in this entry, or you can clone the project and follow along. This example uses Spring Roo 1.1.1, Jersey 1.5 and App Engine SDK 1.4.0. A basic understanding of the involved technologies is assumed.

Static Content Alongside Jersey Services

2 minute read Published:

If you’ve worked with Jersey, you’re likely familiar with the embedded Grizzly server. Though I haven’t seen it mentioned often, Grizzly can indeed serve static content too. The following snippet is all that’s necessary to fire up an embedded web server. These examples were written with Grizzly 1.9.18-m and Jersey 1.4.